Giving a Helping Hand

To better the mental health and tech-life balance of those who overuse technology, porn, shopping, or have gambling problems, we give away free subscriptions of Onward.

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How It Works

Sales of Onward drive Giving through the Onward Assistance Program. Every time a person purchases an Onward product, we offer a free 3-month subscription to someone in need.

The Onward Assistance Program works with people recovering from severe problem behaviors and those facing economic and social hardship. It's available to those who aspire to reduce their overuse, but don't have the means or ability to subscribe.

Onward has specialized programs to help individuals change their relationship to screen time, gambling, shopping, and porn. If you have a problematic relationship with screen time, gambling, shopping, or porn, we want to help. Whether you are a student, unemployed, or have some other reason that makes it too challenging to subscribe, we want to help. Onward Pro has features that are proven to reduce overuse or addictive behaviors.

Availability is limited.

Please fill out the brief application below to be considered. We’re glad you are here.


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